Suspension or withdrawal of certification

Certification Body has right to suspend, withdraw or cancel issued certificate on the basis of received information and its own findings, which aren’t in compliance with accreditation and certification rules.

The reason for suspension or cancellation of certification can be:

  • result of the surveillance audit,
  • not permitted / enabled performance of surveillance audit in contractually agreed date,
  • not corrected major nonconformities found during surveillance audit in period of 90 days,
  • not announced, not communicated significant changes in client’s management system (significant change means any fact which could lead to performance of extraordinary or follow-up audit, and/or change of facts or details related to issued certificate, e.g. establishment of new operation / plant / section, changes of management processes, change in scope of certification, change in number of employees etc.),
  • misuse of issued certificate, violation of rules and policy for use of certification marks, or accreditation logo,
  • misleading announcements of certified client which relates to granted certification,
  • liquidation of the company, bankruptcy or proposal for declaration of insolvency,
  • loss of client’s business license,
  • client’s request.

If 3EC International decides on suspension of certification, it will sent to the client written notice about occurred situation and provide him with the specific period to implement correction (no more than 6 months).

If the client makes appropriate correction in determined period, the certification body decides to restore/renew certification by written decision. If there is a lack of objective evidence that appropriate correction has been done, 3EC is authorized to adopt final verdict relating to occurred situation, i.e. to withdraw the certificate.

In case of serious violation of certification and/or accreditation rules which, despite written warnings from 3EC, certified client does not correct immediately, then the certificate can be withdrawn immediately, without any possibility for correction (for example when client uses and refers to certificate in a period of suspension, etc.).

List of cancelled and suspended certificates

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