Energy audit

We provide performance of energy audit as required by law No. 321/2015 Coll. on energy efficiency and on amendments to certain laws.

Large companies with more than 250 employees with an annual turnover exceeding 50 million EUR and/or their annual balance sheet exceeds 43 million EUR are required to develop such energy audit until December 5th, 2015.

Large companies must perform an energy audit every four years or it can be elaborated either within the certified environmental management system as per ISO 14001:2015 or an energy management system as per ISO 50001:2011. Company with a certified management system is required to perform the energy audit only once during the period of certification.

Energy measurement

Energy measurement is a systematic procedure to obtain adequate amount of information about the current state of technical equipment and buildings intended for use of energy and the identification and design of cost-effective energy savings opportunities.

The fact that our auditors are qualified to carry out energy measurements confirm the following certificates

O tom, že naši audítori sú spôsobilí vykonávať meranie energií svedčia nasledovné osvedčenia:

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