Information about 3EC International trade name misuse

3EC International wishes to inform you that we discovered that a new unknown subject 3EC International Certifications Private Limited was established on April 9, 2021 in New Delhi, India (Registration No. 379811, the Corporate Identification No. CIN U74999DL2021PTC379811, address House No. 2761, Gali Ram Roop Landmark Subzi Mandi, Delhi, 110008 India), which does not have anything in common with our NB 2265 and the certification company 3EC International a.s., 3EC International, s.r.o. (Czech republic) and may pose a threat to our activities on the world-wide markets and may mislead the customers in a harmful way and in the end harm the consumers.

In this way, we kindly ask you to take note of the above fact. We would appreciate receiving any information regarding the acts of this company which could damage our reputation or of acts misleading potential clients. Activities of the 3EC International Certifications Private Limited could lead to unfair competition and harm potential clients. If we find any illegal actions by 3EC International Certifications Private Limited we will take appropriate legal action to protect our company.